Verdicts and Settlements

Established in 1993, our Firm has a long history of successfully securing verdicts from various courts in addition to negotiating settlements when our clients have been wrongfully injured or killed because of someone else's negligence. We focus on getting our clients the results they deserve and making sure they are compensated properly for their losses. 

Our Case Results

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  These verdicts and settlements are a sampling of some of our recent cases and are not meant to create any expectations.  A result for one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that another client will have the same outcome.  Every single case is different beginning with the individual who was injured. 

Auto Accident Cases

Our client was in an automobile accident caused by a DUI driver resulting in injuries to her spine, right leg and soft tissue injuries throughout her body.  We secured the liability limits of $25,000.00; however, the Client’s insurance company would not tender the underinsurance coverage.  We filed a lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas and shortly thereafter, we were able to secure all of the client’s underinsurance coverage by stacking three policies, securing an additional $75,000.00.
Automobile accident settlement where our client was admitted into the hospital due to broken bones, severe soft tissue injuries, and an aggravation of depression.  Subsequently, we were able to secure Social Security Benefits for the client and set up the appropriate Trust to safeguard her compensation.

Worker's Compensation Cases

Workers compensation settlement for client who was carrying a lap top computer for many days in a row while at a seminar.  The repetitive trauma; i.e., the action of carrying the computer; resulted in severe back injuries.  After many surgeries, a spinal cord stimulator was successfully implanted.  Thereafter, we also got this client on Social Security Benefits.
Ordered at a hearing before the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission along with lifetime medical benefits for our truck driver client who was in a trucking accident.  He sustained a torn rotator cuff to his right shoulder and injured his spine, resulting in surgery to both body parts.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement for our client who was a logger and was hit on his neck by a falling tree resulting in two surgical procedures to his neck.
Our client was operating a forklift at work when another forklift driver crashed into his right leg.  He treated conservatively, without surgery.
Workers’ compensation settlement for client who injured her right knee and then developed serious psychological issues which were found compensable prior to settlement.

Client injured her right knee while lifting an object at work and then began having problems with her left knee due to “overuse.”  The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission ordered treatment for the left knee as well and we received lifetime medical treatment for both knees in addition to the monetary compensation.
Workers’ Compensation Commission ordered lifetime medical benefits for neck injury in approximately the year 2000.  To this day, we still represent this client whenever the insurance company fails to abide by the Order, notwithstanding there are no additional attorney fees.  In 2016, we were successful in an appeal which provides that due to many years of having to walk with an altered gait, client now has a compensable back injury.

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT where client tripped over a box and fell at work striking his head sustaining a traumatic brain injury.  Client had some preexisting issues including tremors, seizures, memory loss and balance problems.  After filing with the S.C. Workers Compensation Commission, we were able to successfully resolve this matter for our client at mediation.  The settlement reflects the fact that the preexisting conditions were in fact aggravated both at the time of the initial fall and then subsequently, when the client had yet another fall at his home.

Tractor Trailer Accident Cases

involving a tractor trailer and two other vehicles on Highway 101 in Greer, S.C., resulting in the filing of a Complaint in the U.S. District Court in Spartanburg.   Our client had serious injuries resulting in extended admittances into the hospital and a rehabilitation center due to multiple broken bones, neurological issues and soft tissue injuries.  After filing in Federal Court and completing the discovery process, we were able to successfully resolve this matter on behalf of our client at mediation shortly after the client’s treatment was complete.