Carole Hayes Named on 2020 Lawyers of Distinction List


We are delighted to announce that founding attorney Carole Hayes has been recognized as a member of Lawyers of Distinction for the 2nd year in a row in 2020! Lawyers of Distinction is one of the most trusted and prestigious online databases for legal professionals in the United States; their website only features vetted attorneys who have passed a rigorous selection process. Considering Attorney Hayes’ dedication to her clients and history of successfully handling South Carolina injury cases for decades, it is easy to see why she was selected for this honor.

About Attorney Carole Hayes

Since 1990, Carole Hayes has served as a trusted Greenville workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney known for her commitment to her clients and aggressive legal representation. Her deep passion for her work makes her a great ally to those who have been wrongfully injured and need the help of someone who is accessible, experienced, honest, and compassionate all at once. Attorney Hayes makes a point of being fully invested in every case she takes and is willing to go to trial to fight for the compensation and justice her clients deserve.

How Does an Attorney Get Recognized by the Lawyers of Distinction?

Lawyers of Distinction is one of the fastest-growing legal appraisal websites in the United States. Founded in 2014, the website already has a reputation as a reliable and comprehensive database of the best lawyers in the nation. People in need of legal representation can browse through the site’s listings to find an attorney in their area who best suits their needs.

Each year, Lawyers of Distinction updates its database so it only reflects the most current attorneys of note. To become a member, a lawyer must undergo a rigorous and objective selection process patented by the organization. The process is as follows.

First, a practicing attorney must be nominated for consideration, either by one of their peers or by the Lawyers of Distinction selection committee.

Second, each nominee is independently researched by the selection committee. The committee analyzes each candidate’s experience and abilities based on select criteria.

This criterion includes an attorney’s:

  • Case results
  • Educational background
  • Honors and awards
  • Lectures, writings, and publications
  • Legal experience
  • Online reviews
  • Pro bono and community services
  • Verdicts and settlements

Third, candidates who pass the second stage undergo an ethics review and background check. To be eligible, a nominee must have had no ethical violations on record within the last ten years.

Finally, lawyers who achieve a passing score and have no ethics violations are listed on the website and recognized among the year’s Lawyers of Distinction. To learn more, visit their website here.

Have you been injured in South Carolina? Attorney Carole Hayes has been handling personal injury and workers’ compensation cases in Greenville and beyond for almost 30 years. If you or a loved one are in need of compensation for your injuries and other accident-related expenses, contact her today for a free case evaluation.

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