Linda Hayes Speaking at the National Business Institute’s Advanced Family Law Seminar


CHARLESTON, South Carolina. On February 27, 2020, Linda Hayes will be speaking at the National Business Institute’s Family Law Seminar. The seminars cover a range of complex family law topics, including some of the more challenging issues affecting high net-worth and high-conflict divorce cases. Hayes will present her expertise on a variety of complex family law issues, specifically:

  • Navigating Complex Asset Cases
  • Effectively Arguing Contempt Issues
  • Death and Divorce: Estate Planning Considerations
  • Violence in the Home

Specifically, Hayes will present a seminar on how to navigate complex asset cases. Topics covered in this seminar will include a discussion on comingled and separate assets. High-net worth divorce cases can involve comingled assets that include business assets, retirement assets, and investments, including real estate and vacation homes. Hayes will also discuss the issues that can arise when families have interests in closely held corporations or in stock options. Hayes will also include a discussion on financial misconduct and spotting hidden assets, as well as how divorce attorneys can use forensic accountants and business valuation experts to assist them in navigating high-net worth and complex asset divorce.

Complex asset divorce cases may also have estate planning considerations. Hayes will also lead a presentation on how divorce can impact estate planning. Topics will include interstate inheritance laws and updating estate planning documents during divorce. Other topics will include medical decisions and planning for disabled dependents.

Hayes will also lead seminars on high-conflict divorce, particularly, a seminar on the topic of effectively arguing contempt issues and effectively representing clients facing violence in the home. Specific topics in this seminar will include differentiating between a restraining order and protective order, disputing false allegations, as well as issues that can arise when child protective services and adult protective services are involved.

When it comes to complex issues in family law, lawyers who have a keen understanding of some of the more challenging areas will be best able to serve their clients, particularly high net-worth clients, with complex financial cases, and high-conflict cases where factors like violence in the home, financial misconduct, or other issues might have arisen.

Linda Hayes is pleased to be presenting at the National Business Institute’s Family Law Seminars and is thrilled to offer guidance to other lawyers on evolving and important topics in the field. The seminars are designed to benefit other family law attorneys, paralegals, guardians ad litem, child representatives, social workers, and counselors. Hayes’s expertise has helped countless clients navigate a range of complex family law matters. She is an attorney at the Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys, LLC, and handles a range of family law cases, including divorce, child support, adoption law, paternity, and name changes.

Lawyers and paralegals who would like to attend the conference can register at the National Business Institute.

If you are going through a divorce and have questions about complex family law matters, including topics discussed at the conference, such as how to navigate your complex asset divorce, how to navigate your high-conflict divorce, and how to address estate planning and your divorce, reach out to Linda Hayes, a divorce attorney the Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys, LLC, serving Greenville, South Carolina today to learn more.

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