Medical Debt Collection and Worker’s Compensation Claims in Greenville, South Carolina


Workers’ medical and rehabilitation expenses are covered under worker’s compensation in Greenville, South Carolina. Most workers are entitled to coverage under South Carolina’s Worker’s Compensation Act. According to the South Carolina Bar, workers who are injured on the job are entitled to receive money for lost wages, medical expenses, and disability benefits. Your employer may have the right to select the doctor who treats you for medical care, so it is important to report any workplace accident to your employer as soon as possible and to follow your employer’s instructions when seeking medical and rehabilitation care.

But what happens if you reported your accident, sought medical care as instructed, but still are receiving medical bills from doctors and hospitals? Unfortunately, this is a reality for some individuals and families across the nation. Hospitals and medical service providers sometimes send bills directly to patients when insurance doesn’t pay these bills. Sometimes, when doctors are not considered in-network, insurance companies might not cover all the bills. In other cases, billing errors might result in a patient receiving a bill that has already been paid for by the insurance company. How can you tell if you are receiving a bill that should have been covered by worker’s compensation? What can you do if you are receiving medical bills though you have made a worker’s compensation claim? The Hayes Law Firm, LLC is a worker’s compensation law firm in Greenville, South Carolina that works hard to protect the interests of injured workers who should be covered by worker’s compensation. Our worker’s compensation attorney can review your medical bills, review your worker’s compensation claim, and fight for your rights either by negotiating directly with worker’s compensation insurers, with your employer, or with medical providers, if errors have been made.

Getting Calls for Unpaid Medical Bills After a Workplace Accident?

If you were hurt on the job, you are most likely covered under worker’s compensation insurance. Under this insurance, most workers in South Carolina should be covered for medical expenses and rehabilitation costs for workplace-related injuries. However, sometimes injured workers face difficulties receiving the coverage they may deserve. Their employers might claim that they are exempt from coverage, or their employers may not file a claim in a timely manner. Or, workers might not receive clear instructions about how to receive care after a workplace injury. All of these issues can result in workers facing high medical and rehabilitation expenses after a workplace injury. If you are getting phone calls from medical providers and debt collectors after suffering an injury on the job, you may have the right to fight back. The Hayes Law Firm, LLC is a worker’s compensation law firm in Greenville, South Carolina that works closely with those who have been hurt on the job, who are facing difficulty with their worker’s compensation claims.

In some cases, many of these bills may even be made in error. According to the New York Times, two-thirds of people who have received medical bills don’t owe the money being claimed. How can this happen? Sometimes the bills have already been paid by worker’s compensation insurance, but due to a clerical error or other filing error, the patient is still receiving the bill and is still getting phone calls from debt collectors. Sometimes collection agencies may try to collect on unverified debts. What can you do if you are receiving bills for the medical care you received for an on-the-job injury? First of all, you can check with your employer about your worker’s compensation claim and check with your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance to see whether the bill was paid. You can also ask any debt collector to verify the debt in writing. If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied, delayed, or if your insurance company says the bill was paid and you are still receiving bills, you may have rights under the law. The Hayes Law Firm, LLC is a worker’s compensation law firm in Greenville, South Carolina that fights for the rights of injured workers, medical providers that have been authorized to work as workers' compensation cases, can not look to a patient for payments nor they can charge patients' credit cards, We will fight for you if you are facing medical bills from a workplace injury. Contact Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys and we can address this particular issue that prevents medical providers to look into patients for payments.

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If you’ve been seriously injured on the job, you and your family might be facing a range of stressors and new challenges. You might be struggling to pay medical bills, might be facing phone calls from medical debt collectors, and may be struggling to make ends meet if you have had to miss time from work. The Hayes Law Firm, LLC is a worker’s compensation law firm in Greenville, South Carolina that works closely with individuals and families after a workplace injury takes place. Our lawyers may be able to negotiate your worker’s compensation claim and fight to help you get the settlement you may deserve under the law.

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