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At Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys, LLC, our family law attorneys in Greenville understand how difficult divorce can be for families and children. Divorce is not just a personal decision a couple makes, but it is also a financial decision that can impact your assets, savings, property, and retirement accounts.

It is also a decision that can impact your children’s lives for years to come. Consequently, if you have children and are getting divorced, you’ll be required to have a clear parenting plan in place for your family outlining your child custody decisions.

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Divorce can be a complex process, but you don’t have to go through this process alone. Our family law firm can take the time to get to know your family and its unique needs. We can assist you with all family law matters, ranging from child custody and child support, to divorce.

We’ve helped countless families settle their differences amicably since 1993 and have more than 55 years of combined experience we can put to work.

What is the Difference Between Divorce & Separation?

Many people wonder what the differences are between divorces and separations, especially since both can involve child custody and support matters. Legal separation is a situation where spouses are no longer living together but remain legally married, while divorce is a final option where spouses are no longer married.

Some choose to stay legally married to their spouse because it gives them benefits including health insurance, retirement, and other tax benefits. Some may also choose to stay married if they believe there’s a chance of reconciliation in the future.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys in Greenville

Our team has worked with countless families for over 25 years and understands the challenges that come with such personal matters. We strive to handle each case with the respect and compassion it deserves and provide you with the education you need to consider your options.

Our family law services include:

  • Adoption, including stepparent and grandparent adoptions, whether through the agreement of the biological parent(s) or not
  • Child custody, including creating in-depth and beneficial parenting plans so you can maximize on the time you spend with your children
  • Child support, including modifying orders of support if your financial circumstances have changed and you no longer can afford the amount you’re currently paying
  • Divorce, including “no-fault” and “fault divorces” and related matters like division of assets, alimony, and more
  • Power of attorney, which can be used to appoint someone to make decisions for you in the event that you are unable to
  • Wills and estate planning, which is helpful in providing for your children’s future in naming guardians and trustees
  • Paternity, which must be established before you address issues including child visitation and custody, support, and other issues concerning your child

Establishing Fairness in Child Custody

While people commonly believe that courts favor the mother when it comes to awarding custody, the reality is that courts today must look at both mothers and fathers equally and consider various other factors when it comes to deciding the child’s best interests.

It’s more common for a court to award partial custody to both parents, known as joint custody, than to award one parent full custody of the children.

For more answers to your questions, hire our caring and seasoned law firm. We know that family matters are delicate, and that emotions and tensions run high in these situations, which is why we strive to keep you informed each step of the way and put your family’s goals first.

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