Personal Injury Attorney, Carole Hayes

At Hayes Law Firm, we are passionate about representing clients who have been injured or killed through someone else's negligence or carelessness. Whenever you or a loved one is recovering from illness or grief, the last thing you want to worry about is getting what you rightfully deserve from employers or insurance companies. We are committed to fighting for our clients so that they can receive the compensation they deserve. We also make sure that you or your loved one can focus on rest and recovery while we do the leg work for your case. 


Our Practice Areas


worker's compensation attorney

Worker's Compensation & On the Job Injuries

If you have been injured on the job, you most probably have a workers compensation claim.  Extensive medical care results in extensive medical bills and often your condition results in your inability to work.  As the medical bills begin to mount and you continue to be out of work, your financial situation can quickly become an immediate, critical issue.  Even if your case has been accepted by the insurance company, you should retain an experienced attorney.  The insurance companies have attorneys telling them what to do on every issue.  It is critical that you have an aggressive attorney advising you and fighting hard for your rights.

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car accident attorney

Car Accidents

Unlike other types of accidents, the insurance companies do not "dribble" out money for car accidents.You only get paid after you have completed treatment and are ready to settle. Greenville accident attorney Carole Hayes has been working with local medical providers for over two decades and has established the necessary relationships to assist you in getting the treatment you need without having to pay for it while you are getting your treatment. One of the goals of the Hayes Law Firm is to ensure that we minimize the money that you have to spend as you go through this process. 

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truck accident crash attorney

Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents often result in catastophic injuries given the weight of the motor vehicles involved. There are trucking regulations that drivers must follow that require a higher standard of care when operating a tractor trailor. Carole Hayes has been handling these cases for over two decades. We have settled these cases short of having to go through the court process in addition to filing in the appropriate federal court. Not all attorneys are licensed to practice in the Federal Courts of South Carolina. The Hayes Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to handle these catastrophic cases and will take care of all related issues for you so concentrate on getting better and getting back to your life.  

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personal injury attorney

Pedestrian Accidents

Carole Hayes has handled pedestrian cases for over two decades.  We are familiar with the types of coverages to look for and have the experience to handle any case where an individual was struck by a car and injured.  Even if the car leaves the scene of the accident or has no insurance, we know where to look for coverages.  It is important that you have a lawyer that handles accident cases and that has the experience necessary to help you as opposed to an attorney who handles everything under the sun.  

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motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accidents

South Carolina has an unusually high number of bikers as our State has a long season to ride and plenty of beautiful scenery.  Hayes Law Firm has handled motorcyle crashes for over two decades and has the experience to assist you or a loved one should this happen.  We know how to secure all evidence and have the experience necessary to maximize the compensation you receive.  We can also assist you in getting to the doctors that you need to get to without having to pay for treatment as you go.  The relationships that we have established and nurtured over the past decades are such that we can often get our clients to the doctors and then pay the doctors when we resolve your claim.  

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social security disability attorney

Social Security & Disability Benefits

Most individuals who apply for social secuirty benefits will get turned down.  The only way to ensure that you are presenting all possible evidence on your behalf, is to have an attorney who is knowledgable about this processs.  There really are no good alternatives.  Social Security Attorney Carole Hayes has handled these cases before the Administrative Judges and has secured these benefits sucessfully for over two decades.  Let me assist you in securing the benefits that you are entitled to under this system.  

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