Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you were hit by a car, you likely sustained severe injuries that have left you immobile for a period of time. Unfortunately, proving who is at fault in a pedestrian accident can be complicated, especially if the injured person was jaywalking instead of using a crosswalk. Fortunately, Hayes Law Firm is knowledgeable and experienced in proving a driver was negligent and caused a pedestrian injury.  We work closely with investigators to determine if the driver in your case was negligent; e.g., by driving under the influence, driving while texting or fatigued.  We fully investigate your case and employ professionals in other areas; e.g., accident reconstructionists, to determine the extent of your entitlement.

Some of the Most Dangerous Roads in the UPSTATE Area.  Our Firm has negotiated cases involving some of the most dangerous roadways for pedestrians in the area. Some dangerous areas include:

  • Old Buncombe Road
  • Wade Hampton Boulevard
  • SC-14
  • White Horse Road at Lily Street

Common Injuries Sustained in Accidents

Unfortunately, because someone who is walking, running or riding a bicycle on the side of the road does not have as much protection as someone in a car, injuries are often quite severe. Common ones include road rash, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. In situations like this, the cost of emergency room visits, ongoing medical care and prescriptions rise quickly, especially if you factor in being unable to work. Without compensation, you will quickly find yourself under a mountain of debt. Let us help you prevent that.


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