Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD) are administered and governed by The Social Security Administration which is a federal program that was created in 1935.  Whether you qualify for benefits depends on a myriad of factors beginning with whether you have paid enough into the system to whether you meet the codified requirements for disability.  The regulations and statutes that govern SSD are ample and complex and to navigate through this system, you truly need an experienced attorney.

Do You Need An Attorney?

You must make your initial application without an attorney. This protects you if you apply and qualify (and they will assist you,) so that you do not need to pay an attorney fee simply to apply.  However, a majority of people do get turned down and must apply for what is called "Reconsideration." 


Most individuals who apply for Reconsiderations still do not qualify for benefits. If you have been turned down and must submit a Reconsideration, this is the best time to contact an attorney. 


The next step would be the Hearing level and, at that point, you truly need the protection of an attorney.

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How Does the Process Work?

You must be "insured" in order to qualify for SSD benefits. This means that you must have worked for a certain amount of hours during the quarters immediately preceeding your disability so that you have paid into the system. This is the first hurdle you must overcome and is important for obvious reasons in addition to determining the amount of your benefit.  This must be appropriately addressed and reviewed. The next step would be then to see if you qualify for SSD benefits by meeting the detailed medical criteria for certain disabilities.  This requires that you be evaluated by the appropriate medical provider and that you secure medical records with the necessary medical and legal language.

The Administration may choose to send you somewhere for a professional opinion and you must submit to this appointment.  They often send individuals to a vocational expert who will render an opinion regarding whether you can work in today's work place given your physical and/or mental condition(s) coupled with your education, work experience and age.  Different professionals have different opinions and it is important that you secure your own opinions favorable to your claim.

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