Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Have you been injured at work? Are you wondering how you are going to pay your medical bills, make up for lost wages, or even get back to living a normal life? Most employers are required by law to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance to protect people like you who become injured on the job. However, you should never negotiate with or accept a settlement from any insurance company until you first consult a licensed attorney.


Carole Hayes is an experienced Worker’s Compensation lawyer, with a practice based out of Greenville, South Carolina, and she is committed to helping victims of personal injuries receive the justice and compensation that they deserve! Carole’s thorough approach to Worker’s Compensation cases will help ensure that you and your family are not taken advantage of by your employer or their insurance company.
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What If I Can't Afford an Attorney?

Carole Hayes is committed to seeking justice and compensation for members of South Carolina’s working class who have been injured or disabled while on the job. For this reason, all consultations with Carole are completely free and you’ll never pay any attorney’s fees until she resolves your case. Carole’s first priority is, and will always be, your health and fighting to help you win your case!

Get Carole on Your Case!

Carole Hayes | Hayes Law Firm | Worker's Compensation Attorney | Greenville, SCCarole Hayes has over 25+ years of experience as a Worker’s Compensation lawyer and she proudly serves clients in the upstate and all across South Carolina. If you would like to set up a time to talk directly to Carole about your injuries and your unique situation, contact her today by completing our online consultation form or by contacting our office directly at (864) 233-3100.

"I only represent injured workers in South Carolina and have never worked for or represented any insurance company. I would be honored to meet with you personally, free of charge, and help you decide whether or not your specific situation would be best handled by working with an experienced Worker's Compensation attorney."
-Carole Hayes



Read some of our client reviews from worker's compensation cases Carole has handled in the past. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All cases are different and the ability to acheive results in each and every case may vary. These testimonials are from prior, actual clients of the Hayes Law Firm for which no payment has been made.

Goes the Extra Mile
"My work denied my workers comp claim. I contacted Carole Hayes for assistance. The Hayes Law Firm team responded immediately and provided detailed steps I needed to take. During this time I had medical bills piling up and her team worked with the doctors to make a payment plan until workers comp was approved. Furthermore, I was denied a spinal cord implant and Hayes Law firm handled the appeal and Won!
I can never thank them enough for their support and caring during this trying time for my family. I would use Carole Hayes again and highly recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer."
Worker's Comp and Social Security
"I don't know where I would be today if I had not walked into her office. She is smart, determined, professional and is the best advocate I believe I could have gotten period. Choosing Hayes Law would be the smartest thing you could do if you are up against WC. You don't find commitment to clients like theirs everyday. Thank you Carole, for everything you have done and continue to do."